For Physicians

Prescribing physicians appreciate Mega Aid’s exceptional focus on medication quality, safety, and patient care, as well as the efficiency, attention to detail, and reliability of our medical practice support teams and clinical education specialists.

Pharmaceutical Liaisons
  • Leverage Our Pharmacy Liaisons
  • Our field force is here for you. Get briefings on compounds and therapeutic benefits, how we drive adherence, and growing your medical practice.
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ePrescribing Workshops
  • Attend Clinical Seminars & Workshops
  • Participate in one of our informative and interactive sessions on the clinical benefits of compounding and the many ways it can enhance your practice.
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Advance Your BHRT Practice
  • Advance Your BHRT Practice
  • Use HealthProfiler™ to identify candidate BHRT patients, collaborate with a pharmacist to prescribe a course of treatment, and monitor each patient’s progress.
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When patients stray from the prescribed treatment plan, it impacts their health — and your practice.


On average, 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed.


Up to 33% of patients never even fill their first prescription.


Each year, an estimated 700,000 Americans experience adverse reactions to prescribed drugs that require an emergency room visit.


In total, it costs Americans $100-289 billion a year when people fail to comply with their medical prescriptions.

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Prescribe Specialty and Compound Therapies

Mega Aid is more than an innovator in compounding and pharmacy clinical services. We’re also a thriving and expanding healthcare business that strives to be a true clinical partner to our prescribing physicians, and a reliable source of support and know-how on building and maintaining a successful medical practice.

We are authorized to dispense a number of specialty pharmaceuticals required by patients with chronic medical conditions. For compound prescriptions, we’ll work with you to produce a formulation that considers your patient’s clinical condition, medical history, treatment preferences, and overall health.

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Understand Compound Formulation R&D

Mega Aid’s compound formulations provide therapeutic benefits in such areas as pain management, dermatology, wound care, proctology, fungus, and hormone replacement therapy. Our customized compound formulations are produced in collaboration with physicians to treat a specific patient’s unique medical condition.

Every compound formulation development effort draws upon Mega Aid’s research and development resources throughout its life-cycle. Beginning with the clinical formulation specification, it progresses through various testing, production and quality control stages, through post-dispensing formulation performance assessment with a patient.

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