We’re Your One Stop Community Pharmacy

You’ll find our team of professionals is ready to assist you with prescription medications, insurance coverage, specialty pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, hormone therapies, medical equipment, and custom made cosmetic compounds.

A Team of Professional Who Care

Mega Aid is proud to serve patients across the New York region with exceptional service, expert support and the personalized attention you need to understand your options and manage your health. Mega Aid is independently owned and operated, and is the “go-to” pharmacy for thousands of New Yorkers. We have a history of dedication to our patient’s health and wellness and for providing outstanding customer service.  Read “Amidst Adversity, Patients Came First” to learn how Mega Aid responded to the needs of its patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Whether it’s filling your commercial drug prescription, working with your physician to formulate a custom medication just for you, speaking with your insurance company, or personally delivering your prescription to your door at a time convenient to you, you can rely on Mega Aid for all your pharmacy needs.

Insurance Coverage Assistance

You’ll find filling your prescription at Mega Aid using your prescription insurance coverage is simple and convenient. We’ll help to verify your insurance coverage for your prescription drug therapies, your custom made compound prescriptions, or for your prescribed medical device, such as a walker, a cane or a wheelchair. And when your insurance company requires a prior medical authorization for a prescription to be filled, our pharmacists will contact your physician and help submit all the required paperwork to your insurance company.  

Mega Aid accepts most private insurances and prescription plans with Medicaid and Medicare Part D provisions, and most insurance plans cover Compounds. Contact Mega Aid if you would like us to confirm your prescription coverage with your insurance provider. In addition to accepting Medicare Part D prescription drug insurance plans, a Mega Aid pharmacist can serve as a knowledgeable resource to answer questions you may have about choosing and managing a Part D plan.

Pharmacists Who Care

Every individual on our team of licensed pharmacy professionals is dedicated to providing the care, service and advice you need to feel better and to maintain good health. Our pharmacy staff is always available to discuss your medications and answer any question you may have about your health. We carry only the highest quality medicines and health-related products, and we use only FDA approved ingredients in our custom formulated compound prescription therapies.

Our pharmacists are available to speak with you about your health and to answer any questions relating to your prescription therapy or your over-the-counter medications.  We review every prescription to ensure proper dosing, that no therapeutic duplications have occurred, and to advise you of any possible drug interactions or adverse reactions that may take place.

Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications

Mega Aid caries high quality brand name and generic medications available from most US drug manufacturers.  Providing you the very best service in attending to your health care needs is our number one priority.  If we do NOT have your medication in stock, we will have it ordered and ready for pick-up (or delivery) by the next business day.

Health, Vitamins & Beauty Aids

We offer a complete line of health & beauty aids in several categories, including over-the-counter medicines and remedies, as well as vitamins and herbals, personal & skin care products, hair care, foot care, and first aid products.

Rapid fills, No-Charge Prescription Delivery or Shipping

We fill most prescriptions with 24 hours of receipt and verification of insurance coverage. We will deliver your prescription to your door or ship via USPS at no cist to you. After we receive your prescription, it’s s important that you speak with Mega Aid to verify your insurance, to arrange for a convenient delivery time of your prescription to your home or office.

Durable Medical Equipment

We offer a full range of durable medical equipment, including orthopedic, home care, and surgical supplies, including:

  • Ambulatory Aids & Mobility Equipment
  • Bathroom Safety & Hospital Beds
  • Heavy Duty & Bariatric
  • Incontinence & Urological Products
  • Orthopedic Products
  • Ostomy Products
  • Respiratory
  • Stocking & Compression

Whether it’s a seasonal flu shot or the pneumonia vaccine, the pharmacists at Mega Aid can take care of all of your vaccination and immunization needs. So whether your seeking a whooping cough or meningitis vaccine, we can help. We provide vaccines for everyone, including children, adolescents, teens and adults.   so it’s easy to bring your family in — and get them covered. We also offer injections, all on your schedule. Our pharmacists are specialty trained to administer common vaccines, and no appointment is necessary.

Compounds: Personalized Medications

When it comes to treating your medical condition, one size does not fit all. For those patients who find that commercially available manufactured medications cannot meet their unique healthcare needs, their physician may prescribe a compound medication.  Compounds are custom-made formulations made with FDA approved ingredients to treat your specific condition. Using state-of-the-art, precision equipment in our laboratories, a pharmacist mixes, blends, and combines individual ingredients in the exact strength and dosage form your physician prescribes for you. Personalized, custom- compounded medications are a vital part of quality medical care. Moreover, in many instances, patients are more likely to follow their treatment plan when the medication is custom made for them by a pharmacist.

For many patients, a customized compound is the only solution to feel better, and to be healthier and happier. It may be that the desired commercially available medications choices are limited by dosage form and by strength, thus they fall short in meeting your specific needs. In other cases, you and your physician might want a medication that is:

  • Is free from dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol
  • Has been discontinued or is backordered and not available in a form or dosage desired
  • Is a specialty drug and not commercially available
  • Has a unique dosage form with unique strengths for your individual needs
  • Combinations of medications into a single dosage form as prescribed by your physician
  • Medications free of preservatives
  • Flavored medications so a child will take their prescription as directed
  • Is in a preferred topical form – such as a a gel, cream or ointment – allowing you to avoid the gastrointestinal effects that may accompany your ingestion of a pill dosage form

In these situations, your physician and a Mega Aid pharmacist work together in personalizing a medication formulation, and preparing a compound prescription specific to your needs, with the proper consistency, stability, texture, color and taste. Your specific compounded medications can be customized in the optimal strength, dosage and form to meet your unique needs, so the medication’s therapeutic potential benefit is optimized.

Individual Compound Consultation

Compounding is fundamental to the profession of pharmacy and is regulated by state and federal law. However, from the inception of pharmacology, preparing a compound was the standard means of providing prescription medications before drugs began to be produced in mass quantities by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Mega Aid professionals with your physician and other health care providers to solve your medication challenges. We provide solutions for discontinued medications, modifying dosage form and strength, removing allergens, and improving taste. Our most common specialties include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, compounding for pain management and sports medicine, pediatric compounding, and veterinary compounding. Compounded prescription therapies apply to medication challenges in any area of medicine . . . please call us about yours.

Mega Aid clinical and compounding pharmacists are available to consult with you regarding your compounded medication options or to address your potential hormone therapeutic needs. Private consultations can be arranged by appointment. Note that a prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications. To schedule a consultation, please call us.