Compounds: Your Personalized Path to Health and Wellness

A compound is a patient-specific combination of FDA approved drug ingredients, available only by prescription. Your physician and a Mega Aid pharmacist collaborate on the specification of ingredients, drug dosages, and the dispensing form for your compound prescription.

Because this medication is a custom-made drug therapy, formulated to address your individual medical condition and history, it represents your personalized path to health and wellness.

In collaboration with your physician, Mega Aid pharmacist’s consider a number of factors that could impact the formulation specification for your compound prescription. These factors include:

  • Your physical profile and overall health
  • Your individual and family and medical history
  • Known drug tolerances, allergies or sensitivities
  • The health condition of specific organs
  • Any gastrointestinal issues you may have
  • Any physical limitations or physiological considerations
  • Any potential environmental or work-place factors

Compounds from Mega Aid are produced by licensed pharmacists within a controlled laboratory facility using high-precision equipment. Every aspect of our compound production – personnel qualifications, process flow, activity records, ingredient certifications, drug safety, and quality assurance – adheres to stringent federal and state regulatory guidelines for pharmacies and pharmaceuticals, and by the quality and safety performance benchmark standards of the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board.

It is very important that you follow closely the instructions for how to apply your compound; as a Mega Aid patient, we’ll work with you to assure you’re doing it correctly, receiving the correct dosage at the right frequency of application.

Why Has Your Physician Prescribed a Compound Drug Therapy?

Mega Aid’s compound formulations provide therapeutic benefits in such areas as pain management, dermatology, wound care, proctology, fungus, and hormone replacement therapy. Compounds do not duplicate commercially available prescription drugs, and are only prescribed by your physician when a commercially available drug that meets your unique needs is not available. For example, a compound may be preferred if:

  • You are unable to take a commercially available drug
  • There is a shortage in the marketplace of the prescribed drug
  • The prescribed drug in the specified dosage has been discontinued.
  • It is a viable therapeutic alternative when a commercially available treatments fails

Making a compound as directed by your physician may involve:

  • Adjusting a strength or dosage of a commercially available drug therapy
  • Dispensing a drug in specially flavored liquids (ex: to be more palatable for a child)
  • Reformulating a drug to exclude an unwanted, nonessential ingredient, such as gluten or a dye
  • Changing the form of the medication (ex: from a pill to a topical cream) if you have difficulty swallowing or wish to avoid unwanted gastro intestinal side effects
Compounds Are Very Different than Mass-market Drugs

As a patient of Mega Aid, it is important for you to understand both the differences and the overlap between customized and personalized compound formulations available from Mega Aid, and mass market medications sourced from large commercial drug manufacturers.

  • Every drug chemical ingredient in a Mega Aid compound formulation is approved by the the Food and Drug Administration and sourced from domestic manufacturers who operate in compliance with the laws and regulations of the FDA, as well as state and local authorities.
  • Ingredients used in Mega Aid compound formulations are typically manufactured by large commercial pharmaceutical corporations. These firms make millions of doses of the same drug. Their products are listed in catalogs, sold through distributors, and generally viewed as mass-market medication.
  • On the other hand, although Mega Aid produces compound formulations, we are a pharmacy and should not in any way be viewed as a traditional drug manufacturer. Every compound formulation which we produce and dispense is intended to fulfill the drug treatment regimen specified by a doctor for an individual patient. Our formulations are only dispensed to an individual patient under a physicians’ prescription.