For Patients and Consumers

Your health and well being is our top priority, so let us help you understand your options for commercial prescription drugs, specialized compounds, Hormone Replacement Therapies, nutritionals, and customized skin care cosmetic compounds.

Health and Wellness Therapies
  • Meeting All Your Pharmacy Needs
  • Experience Mega Aid, a full retail pharmacy with bi-lingual pharmacists, over the counter and prescription medications, immunization services, durable medical equipment, and specialized compounding.
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Compound Pharmaceutical Therapies
  • Custom Compounded Medications
  • If a manufactured medication to treat your condition isn’t available, we’ll custom make a compound prescribed by your physician, using high quality, FDA approved ingredients.
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hormone therapy
  • Hormone Imbalance Treatment
  • With our patient self-assessment app, expert-led clinical instruction, and ongoing treatment plan advisory services, we help you identify and treat your patients’ hormonal imbalance condition.
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Custom Made Cosmetic Skin Care Therapies

You’ll look healthier and more vibrant with custom-formulated skin care therapies, individually prescribed by your aesthetician or cosmetologist. Our scientifically blended, precision therapeutic compounds, are the ultimate cosmetic care for your skin.

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